Our founder’s grandfather raised 8 children; and when his daughter developed mental illness, he undertook the responsibility for another 8 — raising a total of 16. And if that wasn’t ambitious enough, he relocated all his wife’s siblings from one part of the country to a completely different place, where they could build and sustain careers and families. What his dedication to excellence gave way to are many college degrees, successful businesses, and political endeavors that would span several generations of achievement, including even now — SOMETHING FOR THE PEOPLE (TM).

What we realize here at SFTP (TM) is that community is both what's grown and harvested, where proper use of essential tools help to prosper what is necessary to achieve an end result — one where more divine energy is accessed. The absence of this important understanding is what prevents people from actualizing in our society, for reason of an arrested development brought on by chaotic thought processes that, create a lack of direction toward imperative evolution of what SFTP (TM) acknowledges as: MasterEvolve and Transform

THE ROOT BENEATH (TM) — A Human Experience Projekt, is a bold step forward regarding how humans develop beyond the need factor, into what intuitively directs them toward how to first, sustain themselves, and to then HELP others flourish more naturally — using reasoning that leads to cooperative solutions that benefit the aggregate of a community, placing it on a path of a well intended posterity. This is why we've committed ourselves financially, and otherwise, to important key results in helping build the marginalized toward what better serves their truest character, so that citizenry can be obtained in a much more substantive manner.

We understand what's at stake, realizing that nothing more assures a future than one who is healthy in mind, body, soul and spirit. We can simply no longer as a collective community, engage in what does not serve the individual in becoming a healthier choice of specific reasoning that guarantees mental wellness and meaningful human expression. 

Put simply,THE ROOT BENEATH (TM) — A Human Experience Projekt, is an exciting venture of working with community, and all stakeholders who understand the need to direct transformative energies toward creating opportunities that arrive at a more reasonable expectation of human progression, one that nurtures a basic and ultimately, a thriving humanity where ALL can benefit. 

So, we welcome your participation and thank you for joining our effort to transform lives to their fullest capability and outcome. 

SOMETHING FOR THE PEOPLE (TM,) the tremendous of something absolutely wonderful.


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