Something For The People (TM) ETHOS

The Divine Principles of Säen

Something For The People (TM) is creatively, and divinely, inspired by Six Pillars of Personal Culture we call Säen, which means to sow what constantly improves self, others, community, and all social environments where one can aspire to thrive within.

We premise that these principles inspire power and peace, that when practiced, one will experience true divinity: what is imbibed by an authentic CHRIST CHARACTER not presently found within the world through religion, the church, or its many facets of misguided, redacted, and convoluted teachings. Yet, we do not present these principles to establish a following of any kind. But rather, put them forth as an aid in helping others to obtain original and divine representation that furthers one’s expected outcome of ABOVE REASONING and SPIRITUAL CITIZENRY, existing within THE MOST HIGHEST REALM of thought, actions, behavior, and heart resonance. 


Pillar 1
 — The Pillar of Divine Wisdom: I learn everyday to be guided by an Inner Self: what emanates from a MOST HIGH SPIRITUAL BEING, Creator, and CHRIST Power, to progress more confidently in the world, through a higher state of consciousness, than what can be found in a physical domain of fleshly desires. 

Pillar 2 — The Pillar of Divine Illumination: I will constantly be aware of my actions, behavior, and how they affect myself, others, and community.

Pillar 3 The Pillar of Divine Unique Expression: I will know, understand, and use my inner spiritual voice, to be the type of different that makes all the difference, to more innately bring change to the world as no one else can, through my unique gifts and expressions. 

Pillar 4 — The Pillar of Divine Purpose: I will engage with others more intuitively and fruitfully, from an inner state of well-being, based on natural coherence, in order to give birth to greater possibilities in the world. 

Pillar 5 — The Pillar of Divine Momentum: I will not regress into former patterns of behavior that cause chaotic reasoning, and or practices, but rather, commit to being divinely inspired in all of what I do.

Pillar 6 — The Pillar of Divine Social Impact: I will maintain a social responsibility where I constantly engage in practices that benefit all of creation, with respect, kindness, decency, cooperation, and renaissance.