Caring for your Something For The People (TM) garment is a relationship we’d like to encourage, yet, with a bit of helpful advice regarding an eco-commitment we believe will be very beneficial toward building trust with the planet, and the sustainable wear you’ve purchased from us.  We believe these instructions are easy, but does require attention to care, to keep your purchases in compliance with being eco-responsible, and to protect our planet to the fullest degree, while maintaining the integrity of the clothing’s fibers and durability. Please understand, these are ONLY suggestions, that when followed, will produce the ultimate in eco-care.


Our entire product line is made from premium, high-quality, 100% organic cotton, all certified under strict guidelines of manufacturing organic wear, and does require a level of responsible involvement to properly maintain. The only exceptions are what processes you use to create character, such as holes, rips, frays, or visible stress caused by specific washing techniques. For normal care, we recommend the following guidelines:


We highly recommend washing your SFTP garments on delicate cycle, inside out, and in cold water. Washing in cold water, as opposed to warm or hot, guarantees a more assured life cycle of your eco-clothing, reduces energy, and increases longevity. We also do not recommend hand washing, as it results in wringing that stretches, and can ruin the garment’s stitching and fibers. If you do hand wash, fold over item twice and push water out with firmness, then drip dry outside. And for the fullest protection of the item, and our ecology, we suggest using eco-detergents, for safer washing, and to eliminate chemicals interacting with your organic wear. Do not ever bleach. 


It is our recommendation that you hang or flat dry, and never tumble or apply heat to your purchases. Once again, we want the maximum protection of your garment, and to ensure responsible energy consumption. We also ask that you do not dry clean any item purchased from us, as chemicals will prove counterintuitive to your purchase. 


If you ever need to iron your tee or hoodie, do so from the inside out, on lowest heat possible, preferably with steam. This practice will ensure longevity and protection of all graphics, as well as prevent sheen and shine of garments damaged by an over heated iron. 

Lastly, don’t overwear your organic clothing, especially to a point of permanent soiling, as this practice ensures an extended life cycle that enables you to donate with confidence, so that others can further enjoy your beautiful purchase. And when you donate? please let us know. We’d like to reward you with a coupon code toward your next purchase.