Our tee and hoodie products are ethically sourced and manufactured by Stanley Stella, an industry leader in premium organic clothing manufacturing, made true by their slogan: “made differently, with respect for people and the planet,” to which, we wholeheartedly agree. Because “they’re designed for customization, and produced with the finest fabrics for superior printability.” What we offer, is therefore, without question, the highest of quality supplied within the eco-marketplace.

Our hats are made by Ecoconscious, who partners with Textile Exchange, Sedex, Sonoma Clean Power, Organic Trade Association and Green America. We simply want a responsible and reliable supply chain that honors our entire ecology. And in 2024, per our promise, we’ve gone full 100% organic throughout our entire product line, with no trace of recycled non-organic materials.

We’re building a highly responsible eco-entity. And for those who have been with us from the very beginning, you know how much we’ve grown. But since day one, we’ve been responsible for making wonderful eco decisions, being extremely mindful regarding the products we carry, and have taken full accountability toward what we present to our public, backed by a serious eco commitment we call R-EC3, driven by accountable production that doesn’t harm the planet, or its people! 

If you haven’t yet entered into the space of organic wear, you owe it to yourself to make the leap. It’s well worth it, the feeling of natural fibers, unaffected by pesticides, touching your skin, elevating its vibration and energetic transmissions, is something only you can experience. And when you do, it changes your entire life value.

Our reason for dealing in blanks is many fold, but mainly regards production cost, curtailing the issue of higher pricing, and limitations concerning our ability to manufacture worldwide. We simply want to offer you the best clothing possible, at a reasonable cost — all across the board.

Know that our products are of a very substantial weight, feel and touch, indicating high end quality. Yet, light and comfortably cool — unlike the majority of items made in this market, and are as soft as couture lines costing four to 10 times more.

Be assured that, Something For The People (TM) has taken full consideration of your eco needs; and rest easy knowing that will continue throughout our entire relationship. We thank you once again for your continued patronage. We take our commitment to eco wear very seriously. And just know that, everything we do is for you and our planet.