The time for "business as usual” is over, as old paradigms must now shift into what truly uplifts our humanity, and not a “bottom line mentality:” people mindlessly connected to retail promotions that are based on a very predictable psychology of corporate greed, predicated on sales, ads, cyclical promotions — where little is ever used to help build community to a point of true sustainability.

Something For The People (TM) introduces a far more valiant and important effort, to actively, and sustainably, promote what we refer to as ‘community economics,’ what serves people in very meaningful and prosperous manner. 

Driven by excellence, we introduce HARMONY IS BEAUTIFUL (TM), a unique way in which to reward businesses that foster an impactful social presence, within spaces where many within our society are not always fully represented, where we offer a 15% discount on a minimum spending requirement of $100.00, with the promise that, you’ll take that savings, and use it to buy from other businesses that meet expectation of impeccable character, integrity, and charity of heart: those who show good will toward others, animals, and especially—our planet.

We’re essentially sowing into you, to then sow into others. 

Simply keep track of what you’re saving at checkout, each time you buy from us; and when you’re ready, identify another business or social organization that meets our criterion, and make your purchase or donation, using the money you’ve saved from SFTP.

It’s that simple. 

We only ask that you not take the offer, if you don’t plan on following the guidelines of this incentivized spending — because this community solution is in addition to the 15% we already give to charitable causes; but its aim is to ensure other community oriented enterprises can both thrive and prosper. For we as a society of diverse presence, must finally take control of the “tide that rises ALL boats.” Thus, the Harmony Is Beautiful’ TM) incentive,’ is strictly an honor system that requires your integrity to make it work.

We merely want you to be active in helping to improve community culture — and believe this to be an excellent way of doing so.

So enjoy code: HARMONY15 (copy and paste) for as long as you shop with us. And don’t worry, it never expires.