I wonder sometimes, okay, a lot of the times, about the strength of a human life: its fullest capability and capacity of resilience. I’m often reminded of a song by Michael McDonald, ‘I Can Let Go Now,’ where a favorite line speaks:

“It was so right, it was so wrong
Almost at the same time
The pain and ache a heart can take
No one really knows…”

In this acknowledgment, I can see what miraculously represents our ability to transcend, traverse and even travail. It is the commonality that binds us all in our concerted effort to simply not lose, or at least, remain in our losses, many or otherwise. Community is the greatest sense of what this means, as it even far exceeds nationalism, patriotism and all else posing as it, so that the integrity of what it means always stands apart. 

I have travelled many roads in this life, often times at odds with myself, even others, so I thought. But what always surprised me were those who came seemingly out of nowhere, for my rescue, for my solace, even for my sanity, where the proverbial “eagle’s wings” mounted me upon itself to remind me of who I am in the midst of great uncertainty, chaos, conflict, hopelessness, and yes — most definitely, despair. And as I continue to walk forward even now — in the knowledge of having cancer, having already suffered a spinal injury, of which I’ve worked extremely hard to overcome, I remain in full swing of what has been right there through all my many upsets, challenges and resurrections. 

What life has taught me, more than anything, is that whatever is considered a misfortune, fortune is still very much a part of it. This is not always easily recognized, or acknowledged. But in the darkest moments, where the impossible seems at reign, I’Mpossible emerges to satisfy the realization that I’m still here, still standing in commitment toward myself, others, to continuously represent the best of my most honest humanity, for which there truly is no end. 

And so, at the user end of life’s greatest achievements, is always myself, though never detached from the cosmic responsibility to remind others of the same. Something For The People (TM) is that next chapter, having created it from the void of my greatest struggle, to open the gates of possibility in a world where doubt, fear, anger, anxiety can become immediately irrelevant to principle, power and peace. And in THAT, I take a most definite pause to reflect upon everything that has fostered this moment into the reality of what could never before been fully imagined. 

S’AGIR R. KHȂLIL, Founder, Creative Director, CCLO

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