We live in a complex world, where even living in a basic sense, is becoming far more difficult. This isn’t merely about “higher cost” that creates an inability to afford life in a way that prior generations have had the privilege to do — it’s more to the core of how we’re humaning as a species. Now I know this isn’t a word, but it does make my point, exactly, as to what disregard we have as a society to level up.

Here’s an example of my concern: Reports are now saying that, “GEN Z is the first of which won’t be able to take care of themselves.” Who then will take on this responsibility? An already overburdened parents? system? How will an entire generation be able to sustain life? will this mean an increase in crimes? homelessness? and other social maladies we already don’t seem apt at solving?

Now, before anyone goes off into doomsland, allow me to more define the reality we face; and it is simply this: It is now the time to return to who we truly are — authentic to a course of life that is far more meaningful than arriving at goals, acquiring material goods and believing that “he or she who has the most toys, wins.” Because they don’t — there’s nothing to be prized with — except silly outcomes unfavorable to all.

This is the hour we change, where we go inside and find an entirely different story than what we’ve been telling, about ourselves, our planet, our world — OUR COLLECTIVE HUMANITY. And that can only be realized when we’re honest about where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we aspire and are disciplined enough to move toward.

We are SPIRIT; and we’ve spent far too much of our reality outside of that, redefining it as religion or spiritualism, failingly trying to adhere to doctrines, theologies, meaningless expressions, when it’s neither.

There is a responsibility we have to master our lives, our expectations, our behaviors, our mental processes that have everything to do with how we navigate within our surroundings. And when we don’t do that properly, and with an earnest effort toward a daily required undertaking, what results is chaos, confirmation biases of what outcomes we’ve prior had, those that simply don’t benefit our current state of Union. 

Returning to SPIRIT is to know our obligation to live correctly, to be inspired beyond our wildest imaginations: to secure a more perfect and potent freedom — under a guise of being committed to the path of a better world, simply by living already within that completeness, where we can finally feel that we’re enough. But only if we realize the truth of this in our actions. 

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