“IN THE BERASHIT, Elohim imbued and shared the Shamiyim (Heavenly waters, and divine streams of consciousness) with the Eret (Earth or Adahma, ADAM,) is one of religion’s most misunderstood verses. Yet, it stands as the fundamental building block of our existence.

This “beginning” is more accurately, the base, precept, collective understanding, LOGOS, discourse, what resides as an infrastructural foundation or spiritual intercourse — upon which everything is built upon, impregnated, or seeded. Or more simply, the wisdom or understanding by which DIVINE POWER creates and governs the same.

THIS is then, THE CHRISTOS, CHRIST, UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, or SUBSTRATE — what binds it all together.

If understood correctly, one would comprehend Genesis One as correlation or correspondence of “heavens and earth: DAY 1 to Day 4; Day 2 to Day 5; Day 3 to Day 6; and finally, DAY SEVEN representing Elohim resting in the state of everything its wise council put into place. That is, Day 1, 2 and 3 are the SPACE created to hold the TIME (material) of Day 4, 5 and 6. And in this dimensional reality, the ALL is the ONE of everything — and the ONE — the ALL — unable to be separated, except by illusion, delusion, or wandering from its premise —  as would a prodigal: one whom mismanages this reality by squandering their focus and attention, to heed more to its material aspects, and not its spiritual base, by which it fluidly presents itself.

Our humanity is simply disconnected from its original source of reasoning, as are our deeds, which is the inversion found in Genesis Two, “earth and heavens,” vs “the heavens and earth of Chapter ONE. So when we speak of subjects such as “Global Warming,” for instance, we sadly articulate it from a position of “saving the planet.” Yet, what we do not take into consideration, is how to do so via a SHARED cohabitation, considering the ALL of the ONE, and the ONE of the all, which is why we continually fail in our attempts to fully reconcile the dilemma, using the same mindset going into the the “solution,” that we used to create the problem.

What is more the answer to all our issues, is to regain our former consciousness in the CHRIST MIND, what would forfeit all of what is contrary. This is more, what it means to be “born again:” a reconciliation to our indigenous beginnings, reclaimed by what originated our being. 

We are assured of a much brighter existence when we are our true selves, interacting with each other from a divine aspect of reasoning, where our conversational way of life is expressed by way of a conscious power of divine connection and relationship. 

In the days going forward, developing a divine expression of character and integrity should be our life endeavor, pursuit, intent, and commitment to all that we are, and ever hope to be. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Magali Ohika, IllustratorMagaly Ohika’s academic and professional backgrounds are in illustration and toy design. Photo used under Fair Use & Educational Purposes Act only. All rights and protections under copyright laws apply. 

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