Dear Black Community,

I stand with the many wanting a better future for our youth, in shock when I continue to witness the exponential threat many Blacks pose to innocents: those sadly gunned down by the wayward fire and acts of individuals disenfranchised from any sense of mutual growth, benefited from a more deepened realization of spiritual resonance or divine maturity.

Let’s face it, Black churches have simply failed to deliver respite, peace, truth, and relative understanding of our divinity, obscuring it rather, in erroneous doctrines, false theologies and creeds that, only materialize separate and divisive congregations, who cling to vastly differing ideologies that never unite — ever unable to arrive at becoming citizens of above, where domain energies and true power lies. What else, I find it extremely puzzling that, Black Pastors would now use the current world affairs of Palestine, to curry favor among followers having already protested on behalf of the dire needs and humanity of the people of Gaza, when in the past, they have been completely silent. They are obviously and very reprehensibly, piggy backing off a movement they had no forward vision to spearhead themselves, having prior, offered Israel a blank check to continue engaging in behaviors never brought into compliance of what is on par with a more discerning international and spiritually connected community. My perspective is that they have merely boarded a vehicle they feel can help mitigate their declining memberships,to somehow become more appealing and relevant.

If we are to align with spiritual principle, then it must be that of the words of ISHO, whom religion has named Jesus, who did not come only but for the LOST SHEEP — those strayed from their divine protection, his words being: “YOU MUST BE BORN FROM ABOVE, BY SPIRIT, AND THE ETERNAL WATERS OF RENEWAL AND TRANSFORMATION.” This is simply not in coherence with a false and misleading “born again” doctrine, which vastly differs in outcome of ANOTHEN — and where many take no personal accountability and responsibility for their wantoness, debauchery, heinous acts and behaviors — from the pulpit, to the pews, streets and beyond.

Thus, what we all shockingly now see, is an opposing communal discourse of a lost and wandering diaspora, seemingly unable to settle or rest, “ever learning, never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

I therefore, as one having spent much time in working to improve cultural advancement, call for a CEASE FIRE within the Black community, finding it ironic that, one is being demanded in a region not of our own — by a people who are too — relegated to a GAZA STRIP defined as ghettos, with unprosperous futures created by political disempowerment, continued exploitation, intermingled with a severe lack of financial wisdom, absence of educational remedy, family structure and the all apparent ESCALATION OF BLACK VIOLENCE. And while I may too, stand for justice regarding the Palestinians, having been very vocal concerning their past and present disparity, I simply cannot ignore the degradation of my own in seeing innocents gunned down by mindless violence that exacerbates an already compounded problem of abject Black failure that lacks any direct and meaningful social remedy.

I specifically ask that, drug dealers and gangs no longer use our youth as mules, in order to evade prosecution. If you do the crime, be man and woman enough to do the time. STOP hiding behind an age old “snitches get stitches.” I also present the proclamation of Black men being responsible to their sexual energies, as not to careless plant seed within Black women whom you cannot see a future with. Step up to the responsibilities you have created for yourself — regardless of what agreements must be made to accomplish this task. And if you do not want this accountability — do not carelessly misuse and abuse your sexual energy.

I further implore that community leaders help to establish and implement safe neighborhood zones, to offer our future generations an opportunity to flourish and thrive. I too, bring into the conversation, gang bangers, to not menace in manner that causes gun fire to kill and murder young aspiring leaders of tomorrow, those whom may very well hold specific promise to a more profound aspiration toward excellence. And to the Hip Hop Community, I ask that you address your own contribution to the demise of Black culture, in ways that show those of present and future generations that chasing bags has little to do with the importance of maintaining integrity, character and a moral aptitude that ensures the proper growth and development of one’s soul.

Finally, to Black youth, forgive all those whom did not better help to prepare you for life, and be more appreciative of those who did. Nothing or no one is ever perfect. But excellence and its lack there of is ALWAYS A CHOICE. Choose more wisely between the two.

While I am never naive to believe ALL violence will end, fully understanding Isaiah 45:7 in knowing both light and dark exist, now is however, the time where the LIGHT must return to being the truth, life and way. In this manner, I more accept that, criminal activity can be lessened, metered with thoughtfulness toward innocent children, men, and women simply trying to awaken with a hope and determination toward a more assured path forward.

Join me in this cooperative solution, as a commitment to finally move in the direction of peace. It is time. It is necessary. It is right. It is possible.

With much earnest anticipation for change,


CCLO, Fo under, Creative Director


PHOTO CREDIT: ROB DOBI, who is a Connecticut based illustrator with a heavy focus toward editorial work, one who strives to create bold images, with a sense of wit and grit that anyone can understand.

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