Black violence accomplishes nothing. There’s no power to it. Because Black death is welcomed. So it’s of benefit to kill and murder Black bodies in conflict, as White society has done all over the world, in engagements with whom is deemed an enemy. Blacks simply don’t have infrastructure: in politics, business, government in particular — and all other areas that have built this country, and the world to where it is now.

You can make whatever historical claim you want, regarding who invented this, that, who “built America, from the backs of slaves:” it’s all rather meaningless; because there has never been an outcome of benefit from any of that, for Blacks, resulting in nothing that truly matters today in terms of efficacy or POWER, as found in 1 Corinthians 4:20, and the truth of “ruling and reigning over inheritance,” identified in Galatians 4. And where is Black freedom when algorithms can so easily wipe away comments it precisely targets, as even machines now show supremacy over Black thought, or what emanates from any ethnicity for that matter? And what is Black power when Black history is relegated to a mere month?

These are things that preclude forward paths.

Violence merely starts as what it is — and continues to remain the same. But true power is SPIRITUAL INFRASTRUCTURE, that which alters one’s circumstances, changes outcomes based on promise, provision, principle and peace —and not ideology: all of what the Black community has traded for false religions, churches that teach docility, behavioral and entertaining antics, reminiscent of vaudeville.

Phrases like “Manifest Destiny,” “eminent domain” is POWER! Africa doesn’t even control its own resources. Neither do Blacks in America. So once again, infrastructure! YET, from on high! what expresses as a domain of intentional CHRIST (not Rome’s Jesus), but a formed agency and station of mindset, determined ONLY by what lies within — NOT without!

Even Malcolm X eventually failed in words, as did MLK. “For the KINGDOM on high is not a matter of talk.” And NEVER will be. Neither will it ever be subject to, or operated by human force. Black ignorance, is therefore, the weapon of violence that destroys the most! to NOT know one’s true identity among the heavens, as to what created magnificent wonders! And herein? lies the greatest defeat!

Art attribution: SUNGI MLENGEYA, for fair use and educational purposes only.

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