WE NOW EXIST WITHIN A TIME OF GREAT AND WONDROUS LIGHT, what has not been seen for nearly 2,000 years. In this age, we are to realize our true and lasting power: what achieves beyond “faith,” into that of knowing. In this GREATER sense, we return, as did the ‘Prodigal Son,’ to our Genesis — what lies above, by waters of wisdom, and divine revelation of what feeds the soul of our humanity, so that peace, love, coherence, and unity, might not just be mere concepts or meaningless words failed by human frailty, but rather, what exist as the CHRIST of our being — as DIVINE EMINENCE. 

This is the age where we move beyond the Church, what has divided us by false and misleading doctrines, erroneous theologies, where we can now, more truly recognize the divine, in ways that permeate our collective consciousness toward what connects and transforms the mind, spirit, to reveal our truer selves beyond the ego we so easily succumb to when threatened by what we don’t understand. 

Our present time is GENNAO ANOTHEN, what has been mistranslated from the Latin Vulgate to mean “born again,” when it actually indicates a return to our indigenous root of spiritual DNA — THE BERESHIT, the onset of our powerful beginning, within spaces that encourage our connection to the world, as never before seen — releasing the chains of our earthly minds, selfishly governed by processes that disunite our spiritual purpose. It is a term that denotes a genetic predisposition toward divine reasoning and influence, what gathers our senses around a more Perfect Union of incorporeal insight. 

Something For The People (TM), has always been about a change, from the very beginning of our founding — what can be seen by an indigenous power: to do things for the right reasons, by a truth barely seen in the world —what goes beyond human intellect and religious constraints, into depths of what aligns us with purposeful intent toward living within the height, width, length and depths of divine character, which is why we created the ‘Six Pillars of Säen,’ to align you always with your truest self. 

And so, we now welcome the age that will finally bring greater accomplishment among our human effort, meant to cauterize a more spacious and specific intent, within areas where true change is ours, for the lives we more encourage through a most assured and definitive understanding of self and others. 

WE ARE LIGHT. And so we must boldly go forth, birthed in our GENNAO ANOTHEN, unafraid, within our complete and unadulterated divinity, absolutely certain of what we must do for the welfare of ALL.

May you now see the magnificence of your glorious being, finally departed from the dogmatic words of preachers, priests, gurus, influencers, “spiritual teachers,” and even Gods, “saviors,” “demons, “devils,” worship,” “praise” and “enemies,” into what is more orderly, fluent, free, wonderful, and even wild — spirited by what’s above, and guided by what is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report — all of what lies within virtue” that leads to an expressive and creative POWER, mindfully existing to serve in the washing of feet, of those who would allow it, as to what the CHRIST will always lead by way of example. 

Finally, “go ye therefore,”in love, with kindness, and happiness, all of what is yours to share — ALWAYS and ETERNALLY!


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