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The False And Misleading Engagement Of Our Wrestling Unisex Eco Hoodie

The False And Misleading Engagement Of Our Wrestling Unisex Eco Hoodie

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What appears as “LIGHT,” may not always be. In fact, much of this world’s information, is simply false: by way of deceptive language, science, medical, education, politics, creeds, ideology, intelligentsia, belief, doctrine, theology and especially, preaching and priesthood.

THESE are simply, “ways that seem right unto humankind, but the end of where it takes you, is what Hebrew literature describes as “death,” which correctly interpreted, stems from ancient Canaanite writings, where a civilization would be considered “desolate,” as a result of “punishment,” by a God they were forced to accept as THEIR own. In essence, Gods always battled for supremacy. And what better way to show yours supreme, than to have your “God” wipe out entire civilizations, through a drought or pestilence, no one could otherwise explain, and thus, appear as the victor that eliminates evil?

Yet, what is more accurately occurring, beneath the surface of beliefs, is that lies have replaced the truth, by those who control esoteric teachings, creating a “God” that “punishes” the unfaithful, those who venture away from (their) REDACTED replacement, through exoteric teachings.

Death (MAVET) in Proverbs 14:12, merely means a drought, pestilence, ruin, from following the wrong path, what does not prosper in the way the world actually operates, where rulers of this planet lead the ignorant masses far away from LIGHT. 


Mot, also written Mavet, was the West Semitic god of death, infertility, and drought. One of the sons of the high god El, he was the chief antagonist of the rain god Baal, whose life-giving waters brought fertility to the land. Mot was the Lord of the desert dryness, the underworld, and all that is opposed to life.

Mot was particularly important in the land of Canaan, which, unlike Mesopotamia and Egypt, had no great rivers and relied largely on rainfall to water its crops. In Canaanite mythology, Mot, and Baal were bound in a cyclical battle in which Mot temporarily vanquishes Baal, whose body is heroically rescued by his sister Anath, after which Baal is resurrected, finally defeating Mot and returning life-giving rain to the land.

The struggle between Mot and Baal also figures in the biblical story of the prophet Elijah's battle with the prophets of Baal, played out in the context of a period of devastating drought. The Israelites must decide whether they will accept the Canaanite view that only by properly propitiating Baal can they hope for rain to return, or whether they will follow Elijah's teaching that the God of Israel controls both drought and rain alike.

May you receive THE TRUE LIGHT of understanding — continuously and always, not through faith, but wisdom and understanding that holds you firm to TRUTH, that leads to the way of LIFE.

• 100% organic cotton
• Fabric weight: 10.32 oz./yd.² (350 g/m²)
• Regular fit
• Set-in sleeves
• Self-fabric double-layered hood
• Front pouch pocket
• 1×1 rib at sleeve hem and bottom hem
• Single needle topstitch at neckline and along hood opening
• Metal eyelets
• Inside tape at the back of the neck
• Self-fabric half-moon at the back of the neck
• Eco-friendly product certificates
• Designed in USA


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