We premise that power is a principle, and decree that there is none greater than what is above, which is why Something For The People (TM) metaphorically represents the SIX DAYS OF CREATION: a fulfillment of time and space in DIVINE PRESENCE that imbues the 7th day of rest with its holy state of being. Sustainable clothing is simply the vehicle we’ve chosen to express this metaphor and allegorical representation.

Thus, we’ve uniquely crafted and curated 7 Brands that first, represent the FIVE elements of what shapes and molds our masterful divinity, at times, broken, but Not Beyond Repair (TM); what ultimately reaches a state of rest in DIVINE POWER, or a Republic of Zerothe harvest of our exponential growth, remedied and prospered from an intuitive reasoning called THE LOGOS or CHRIST FORM: what intercourses from the starting point of our being, as “you must be born from above,” to what assures offspring in UNION with our DIVINE EXPRESSION or SPIRIT below.

Something For The People (TM)—Aether
Metaphor & Allegory (TM)—Air
The Social Poets (TM)—Water
Principle Power And Peace (TM)Fire
SILO13 (TM)—Earth
Not Beyond Repair (TM)— (Life)
Republic Zero (TM)—((DIVINE POWER))


WE ACCEPT THE TRUTH that, the heavens and earth are a combined reality of light and dark, our Genesis, working together to create a cosmic order, where any departure from this understanding is a fractured state of mind and reasoning called “the knowledge of good and evil,” what gives birth to “morality” and “rule of law”: humankind’s failed attempt to self govern apart from divine energy. We therefore, endeavor to help others reach a more definitive greatness achieved from within.

Our collective humanity is sadly at risk; simply because we do not live within divine purpose and order — based on principle. Our motto, ‘The Kingdom of God Is Not A Matter of Talk, But Of Power,’ is a call to action, responsibility and accountability — living fulfilled lives based on character, integrity, and soundness of mind towards THE HIGHEST ORDER OF A SUPREME DEITY that imbues and imbibes us with a superior strength and courage to transcend our greatest challenges.


Something For The People (TM) is simply a highly ambitious concept that inspires people toward their DIVINE origins, using fashion and messaging to resolve the conflicts of human inner turmoil, so that communities can engage in cooperative solutions that bind productive effort over disrepair, disunity, disruption, and despair.


We pour 30% of our profits into THE ROOT BENEATH (TM) - A Human Experience Projekt; because the manner in which the world is operated and controlled is fundamentally flawed. We seek to fix this by principled understanding of what intent our divinity purposes within an IMAGO DEI, or plainly, IMAGE OF THE MOST HIGH POWER religion refers to as GOD. 

The world has become such, where it negates our divine character, what acts as a basis for building communities cultured in cooperative reasoning. How do we remedy the manner in which we treat the planet, animals, each other, and all living species we are in partnership with? if we do not address important matters of human evolvement, revolution — for the express purpose of actuating individuals toward essential understanding of self? what essentially increases important social development, to achieve useful and effective citizenry of our humanity?

Our aim is to then, fund social projekts that actually solve problems, by what moves the heart toward divine purpose. And we think that there are many in the world who need that voice. So, we want to simply be a part of THAT change, to aid wherever we can, whomever we can, with what we can. 

THE ROOT BENEATH (TM) — ‘A Human Experience Projekt’ is that answer, where we say, “yes, let’s make that happen, to sow something beautiful in the world.” And we just think that money should never be a reason in why we don’t. 

Join us now in that effort.

That’s why this business exists. 


Approximately 92 million tons of textile waste is discarded every year, which is why each of our brands are committed to providing the absolute best quality of sustainable wear, governed by a personal eco-ideology we refer to as R-EC3to effectively combat waste that creates landfill overpopulation, and to eliminate various other disturbing behaviors fashion is sadly known for. 

Driven by responsible and accountable manufacturing, mixed with meaningful and thought provoking designs, our collections are undoubtedly something you’ll be proud to own — guaranteed! all backed by a policy of meeting your complete satisfaction.

WELCOME to Something For The People (TM,) the TREMENDOUS of something absolutely wonderful!