YOU ARE a massively complex being, with a vast array of feelings, emotions, energetic distortions, triumphs, fears, thoughts, loss, gains, and or mental persuasions, all resonating in ways that affect your entire being, and how you operate in the world. 

SOMETHING FOR THE PEOPLE (TM) is then, strictly about YOU: a catalyst to how we curate beyond the brand normative, so that we might more effectively aid in your process of growth and development. For THIS reason, we’ve created 7 fashion brands: ALL toward capturing the magical expression that is YOU: in the world, among your peers, by yourself, but most importantly, within the upper and above realms of spiritual awareness, reasoning, and higher conscious capacity. LIGHT.














We premise that, the heavens and earth are a combined reality of LIGHT and DARK: a prospective, and transformative Genesis, working together to create a cosmic order, that when departed from, creates a fractured state of mind and reasoning called the knowledge of good and evil:” what gives birth to “morality” and “rule of law” — humankind’s failed attempt to self govern, apart from divine energy.

We thus, are what images as a harvest of exponential growth, remedied and prospered from an intuitive reasoning called THE LOGOS or CHRIST FORM: what intercourses from the starting point of our being, as in “you must be born from above,” to what assures a singularly and UNITED offspring in the physical realm — fueled by a DIVINE EXPRESSION of WATER and SPIRIT. “For the Kingdom of our DIVINITY is not a matter of talk, but of POWER.”

Something For The People (TM)—Aether
Metaphor & Allegory (TM)—Air
The Social Poets (TM)—Water
Principle Power And Peace (TM)Fire
Free Soul Radical (TM)—Earth
Not Beyond Repair (TM)— (Life)
The Highest Calling (TM)—((DIVINE POWER))


15% of our profits help to fuel our community profile, referred to as: THE ROOT BENEATH (TM) - A Human Experience Projekt; to engage communities in cooperative solutions that bind productive effort over disrepair, disunity, disruption, and to what gives birth to a divine character, that we might all act within behaviors that treat the planet, animals, each other, and all living species we are in partnership with, with an essential understanding of an empowered self: what more socially develops into a beneficial and effective citizenry of our humanity?

THE ROOT BENEATH (TM) — ‘A Human Experience Projekt,’ is where we invest in art programs, encourage STEM participation among those with disparaged backgrounds, partner with businesses and organizations that promote powerful and lasting change, and all else that entrepreneurial philanthropy can help to remedy within marginalized communities and beyond.

We ask that YOU now join us in that effort.

This is ENTIRELY why WE exists.


Approximately 92 million tons of textile waste is discarded on our planet every year, which is why each of our brands are absolutely committed to providing the best quality of sustainable wear, governed by a personal, and highly effective, eco-ideology we refer to as R-EC3to effectively combat disturbing wasteful behaviors fashion is sadly known for. 

Driven by responsible and accountable production, meaningful and thought provoking designs, our collections are something you’ll be proud to own — guaranteed! all backed by a policy of meeting your complete satisfaction.

SO WELCOME to Something For The People (TM,) “the TREMENDOUS of what is absolutely wonderful!” ALL because YOU are!

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