Intuitive reasoning and heart resonance are the driving force of our human existence; which is why we’ve uniquely crafted and curated 7 Brands that first represent the FIVE elements, what then initiates a physical world of abundance we call SILO13, symbolizing divine order and provision, where living a fulfilled life can often result in brokenness, but Not Beyond Repair (TM), the rescue that aids in overcoming the obstacles and challenges we all face, by understanding a continual and divine assistance toward our intended transformation and finally—ascension: what ultimately reaches a state of rest in the Divine, or Säen: the sowing and harvest of our exponential growth, remedy, prospered from the simile of our creative powers from above.

Something For The People (TM)—Aether
Metaphor & Allegory (TM)—Air
The Social Poets (TM)—Water
Principle Power And Peace (TM)—Fire
SILO13 (TM)—Earth
Not Beyond Repair (TM)— (Life)


WE ACCEPT THE TRUTH that, the heavens and earth are a combined reality of light and dark, working together to create divine order — that any departure from this understanding — is a fractured state of mind and reasoning called “the knowledge of good and evil,” where morality and “rule of law” is born: humankind’s failed attempt to self govern apart from divine energy. We therefore, endeavor to help others reach a more definitive path toward greatness that is achieved from within. 


Something For The People (TM) is simply a highly ambitious concept to fuel THE ROOT BENEATH (TM) - A Human Experience Projekt: a community endeavor that inspires people toward their DIVINE origins, using fashion and messaging to resolve the conflicts of human inner turmoil, so that communities can engage in cooperative solutions that bind productive effort over disunity, disruption and despair.


25% of our profits immediately fuel THE ROOT BENEATH (TM) - A Human Experience Projekt, to fund important philanthropic ventures, where we constantly promote the concept of unified cooperation, community, how we treat the planet, engage in matters of animal rights issues, all to actuate individuals toward essential character, as an important social development that achieves more useful and effective citizenry and humanity.


Approximately 92 million tons of textile waste is discarded every year, which is why each of our brands are committed to providing the absolute best quality of sustainable wear, governed by a personal eco-ideology we refer to as R-EC3to effectively combat waste that creates landfill overpopulation, and to eliminate various other disturbing behaviors fashion is sadly known for. 

Driven by responsible and accountable manufacturing, mixed with meaningful and thought provoking designs, our collections are undoubtedly something you’ll be proud to own — guaranteed! all backed by a policy of meeting your complete satisfaction.

WELCOME to Something For The People (TM,) the TREMENDOUS of something absolutely wonderful!